But what do archives do?!

Our home!
Our home!

If you found your way here, you know (or, you know now!) that this is the brand new blog of the Le Moyne College Archives.  We are so excited to be able to share more of the treasures, secrets, stories, and history that’s held in the Archives with you, the Le Moyne and Jesuit communities, and the Syracuse area.

Archives are a close cousin to both the museum and the library.  Like a museum, an archives collects authentic objects and records in order to preserve them and make them accessible to future generations.  Unlike a museum, the primary audience of an archives is usually researchers or people seeking answers to specific questions, so they focus more on maintaining accurate records and easily accessible information than they do on creating exhibits or programming (that’s where they’re very similar to a library).

Le Moyne College Archives operates with the following mission:

to collect, arrange and preserve documents that are of historical value to the College and to provide the Le Moyne community including the administrators, faculty, alumni, students and interested members of the public with information relative to the College’s history and development.

But what does that “really” mean?

  • We have a large collection of Le Moyne-related documents, photos, notes, yearbooks, and more that begins in 1946 and continues to the present.
  • We preserve what we currently have, and actively encourage more donations and additions to our collection!
  • We are available for any researchers (or just curious friends) who have questions about Le Moyne
  • We know a lot about the history of Le Moyne and want to share it with you.

This blog (and attached Facebook and Instagram pages) is a brand new and ever-developing project to connect the community with information and stories about our past, in hopes that this will:

a) unite our Le Moyne community even more
b) inspire or inform future decisions, projects, initiatives on the campus
c) give our Dolphins a strong sense of pride in the legacy of which they are part.

If you have any comments or suggestions, leave them here or email lemoynearchives@gmail.com!


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