Why should we care?

Obviously I am a huge dork and find all of this interesting, but I was curious to see who else (if anyone) cared.

I created a survey and got 118 responses (most from Class of 2018-Class of 2009). There were a variety of answers and opinions, as could be expected.  Here are some of the great responses to the question “Do you think it’s important for students/alumni to learn about the history of their college/university? Why or why not?”:

  • “I believe it connects students to the past and gives them more of an appreciation of the campus while there.”
  • “Each college/university, Le Moyne included, has a unique history built on a complex web of personal narratives, local history, and national-international affairs. By understanding the intersections of these stories, students are better able to understand the power of local change and their role in it, which is what all learners should do. At a smaller school like Le Moyne where the local history is rich, justice-oriented, and just interesting, it is all the more crucial that students become aware of how their lives matter too and how they can make a difference, like so many great Dolphin Alumni.”
  • “History explains how we got to the point we’re at now. The issues that we face today didn’t just pop up out of nowhere — they originated in the past. Understanding the underlying reasons of contemporary issues and understanding how they developed is key to solving them. This applies to Le Moyne as it applies to everything else.”
  • Speaking as an alum: Your alma mater becomes, to some degree, a way of defining your educational experience to family, friends, employers, and community members. It provides a “snapshot” of what you believe is/was important about your education and why you pursued the type of post-high school education that you did (in the case of Le Moyne: private, Catholic, Jesuit, progressive, strong Education program, professional experiences offered/gained, scholarship decisions, etc.). To be unaware of the history, legacy, and traditions of your alma mater diminishes what a degree from your institution intends to stand for. It prohibits one from explaining why their education is significant and unique.”
  • “It makes you appreciate where you came from. It also helps you to see how alumni who have become successful valued and made their school a part of them. Plus it’s just fun
  • “The history of a school is the whole background of the type of education the student will receive. Le Moyne encourages the education of the whole student and without a history of a well rounded community, this education would not be made possible.”
  • “Le Moyne college is an important, formative community. Alumni engagement with its history helps keep the spirit of fellowship and belonging alive after graduation, and long after their lives bring them (possibly) geographically far from Le Moyne. Hearing about institutional history not only re-engages alumni with Le Moyne, it provides an opportunity to remind them about the existence of valuable information sources, like archives and libraries, which they may be overlooking in their everyday lives.”

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