Using the Archives

Any members of the Le Moyne community (students, faculty, staff, alumni) or interested researchers from the general public are invited to use the archives!

Our holdings are vast and date all the way back to the formation of the college.  We have blueprints of buildings, oral history recordings from past faculty/staff, old yearbooks, letters, correspondence, and more.

If you’re wondering what exactly we have, the answer is pretty much everything.  If you still are wondering, our website has a pretty thorough list of the topics we cover:  (That’s not the most sexy URL but it’ll get you the answers you need)

All our materials are non-circulating, so you’ll have to stay here while you do your research.  But personally, who would want to leave the archives to go out into the real world? Not me, that’s for sure…but that’s probably why I am spending my summer here and you all are out on beaches.

Luckily for you, we’ll be here when the all-too-short Syracuse summer winds to a close and you find yourself back on campus!  Please stop by and check us out.


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