What are the Archives?

This blog serves to inform students, faculty, alumni, staff, and the Le Moyne community about the things that you may find of interest about the archives as well as to promote further use of the archives.  For example, did you know that there are classes at Le Moyne that encourage and even require the use of the archives and archival research?

What can you find in the college archives?  Well, just about anything “Le Moyne” you might imagine.  The archives hold information about our wonderful school’s past so that you can then learn about what the college was and what Le Moyne is now all about.  Le Moyne has grown as both an institution of higher education and as a community.  The archives tell this story through information and materials from Le Moyne’s history.

Best of all, the archives will continue to collect pieces of value to our story.  Years from now, the archives will have new material gathered about Le Moyne that is still in our exciting future!  Visit the Le Moyne College archives to learn more about your incredible school!  There is a whole story waiting to be told in both this blog and the Le Moyne College archives!


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