Recent History at LMC: The PAC

Recently in History: Find it in the archives!

Performing Arts at Le Moyne and the 24-hour Project:

 In the Spring, many departments on campus offer opportunities for the students to take on larger, creative, leadership roles in the campus community.  The visual and performing arts department (VPA) is no exception.  More affectionately known as “the PAC,” students here get to take their their creativity and run with it!  This is just one of the many places you can learn about by visiting the archives here at Le Moyne.  That’s how I did it!

The Archives contain files and folders in its holdings on just about everything Le Moyne you might imagine!  One of the things I decided to research over the past couple of weeks was the PAC.  The recent 24-hour project particularly grabbed my attention and in turn, that of this blog. Therefore, let’s take a historic look at what this 24-hour project is and has been for Le Moyne students over its history!

The recent 24-hour project of the 2016-2017 academic year involved PAC students as well as the theater program under the direction of Professor Matt Chiorini.  In the past, Bill Morris ran the 24-hour project before Proessor Chiorini joined the faculty.  Professor Morris gave a brief overview of what the 24-hour project really meant for those students involved.  “We gave them a group, we gave them props and sound cues, and told them to create themselves.”  For the Le Moyne students with the passion for acting and performing so evident in the vibrant theater program Le Moyne continues to grow, this is exactly what they did!  One example in 2010 included the theme “Tales from the Crypt.”  If that doesn’t sound spooky and fun then I don’t know what does!  The students have maintained the tradition throughout Le Moyne’s rich history, of locking themselves inside the PAC for a full 24-hours to write, prepare, and perform something of their own original creation on the given theme presented to each group.

But before the 24-hour project was even born, there was the creation of the PAC.  In 1995, the fine arts major was proposed to the curriculum committee and a four-million-dollar investment ranted to build the Performing arts building, replacing what was the famous “firehouse theater.”


This was all done because of a department with a “fiercely loyal following from the beginning.”  The goal for the students in our historic Performing Arts program from the start has always been that “when they leave the program, they leave with a much higher degree of confidence in their skills than when they arrived.”


All of these files and memoirs on the events are found where?  In the holdings of the archives of course!  Organized by collection, box, shelf, folder, and finally general description, the holdings of the archives revealed some very interesting nuggets on the 24-hour project and performing arts at Le Moyne.  Is there something at your school that you have always been interested in learning more about?  You should come check out the archives!

  1. Information Gathered from the Le Moyne College Archives and The Dolphin newspaper.

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